UICC and USIM in 3GPP Release 8 and Release 9

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3G and 4G Wireless Blog - In good old days of GSM, SIM was physical card with GSM "application" (GSM 11.11)

LTE Advanced - Candidate Radio Interface Technologies

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The 3GPP RAN Chairmans’ presentation to the ITU-R WP 5D Third Workshop on IMT-Advanced gives the best introduction to the 3GPP proposal for IMT Advanced Based on LTE Release 10 and Beyond.

Security in the LTE-SAE Network

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Agilent - Security architecture and aspects of 3GPP accesses to the EPS, the topic of this overview, are
covered in 33.401.

3GPP Dispels LTE Myths

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November 6, 2009 | At a recent Leadership meeting of 3GPP, the Technical Specification Group Chairmen clarified about some of the Myths that surround LTE’s roll-out.

World’s first Femtocell Standard Published by 3GPP

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Three-way cooperation between 3GPP, Femto Forum and Broadband Forum creates new standard in record time enabling operators to deploy standards-based femtocells

3GPP Partners propose IMT-Advanced radio technology

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October 11, 2009 | Press Release - The 3GPP Partners, which unite more than 370 leading mobile technology companies, made a formal submission to the ITU yesterday, proposing that LTE Release 10 &

3GPP Extended UMTS/LTE 800 Technical Report

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August 7, 2009 | LteWorld - 3GPP has recently published a technical report of the Extended UMTS/LTE 800 which provides UTRA and E-UTRA specification support for FDD in the Extended 800 MHz band in Jap

Multi-Standards Radio Base Station (MSR-BS) in 3GPP Release 9

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August 7, 2009 | 3g4g.blogspot.com - I wrote about Future Mobile Terminals earlier which will probably be Multiservice, Multinetwork and Multimode.

LTE Security Principles

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The following are some of the principles of 3GPP E-UTRAN security based on 3GPP Release 8 specifications: