ZTE Powers CSL’s VoLTE Service in Hong Kong


ZTE has announced that company's VoLTE Solution is supporting CSL's commercial launch of voice over LTE services in Hong Kong for voice and video calls. Almost 100,000 users are using the VoLTE service since it was launched by CSL in late August.

CSL Deploys LTE Advanced 300 Mbps Cell Site in a Commercial Network


Hong Kong's operator CSL and ZTE have announced the deployment of LTE Advanced 300 Mbps cell site in a commercial network at the Mobile World Congress 2014, Barcelona.

ZTE, CSL Expand LTE Network on Hong Kong MTR Rail Lines


ZTE is supporting CSL Limited in expanding 4G LTE network coverage of Hong Kong’s MTR rail and subway system to provide an enhanced high-speed mobile experience for subscribers. CSL users will now have enhanced 4G experience on the MTR East Rail Line, West Rail Line, and Ma On Shan Line.

CSL to Expand 4G LTE Coverage in MTR


Hong Kong's operator CSL plans to further enhance its network and extend its 4G LTE coverage in MTR by the end of 2013. By the end of 2013, 1O1O and one2free customers will have access to improved 4G experience on the East Rail, West Rail and Ma On Shan lines of MTR. 

CSL to Deploy LTE Advanced at 300 Mbps in Hong Kong

CSL's LTE-Advanced Demo

Hong Kong's CSL Limited is now set to deploy LTE Advanced at 300 Mbps, operator announced today. In the demonstration of this technology, 1O1O and one2free showcased theoretical peak download speeds of up to 300 Mbps.

1O1O and one2free Expand FD-LTE Spectrum in Hong Kong


Hong Kong’s mobile service provider CSL's 1O1O and one2free brands have expanded their 1800MHz spectrum from 2x 10Mhz to 2 x 15MHz (i.e. 50% bandwidth expansion) in majority of the network. 

CSL Extends LTE Spectrum, Launches LTE CAT 4 Device in Hong Kong


Hong Kong’s CSL has commercially launched 4G LTE extended spectrum together with the LTE CAT 4 device. With 5MHz extended spectrum, CSL has deployed a total of 2 x 20MHz at 2600MHz for its LTE network. 

CSL Launches 1800MHz/2600MHz Dual-Band LTE


Hong Kong's operator CSL has launched commercial 1800MHz/2600MHz dual-band 4G LTE network for its premium brand 1O1O. Operator launched its 4G LTE mobile network in Hong Kong in November 2010 and already covers 90 per cent of the population.

ZTE Gets LTE Network Expansion Contract From CSL


ZTE has signed an LTE network expansion contract with Hong Kong's mobile operator CSL. As part of the contract, ZTE will provide an extensive network of new base stations for CSL. In addition, ZTE will deploy its newest Uni-RAN-based, LTE-A-scalable R8884 base station for the first time. 

CSL launches LTE network in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s mobile service provider CSL has launched LTE services for its premium brand 1O1O.

CSL offering LTE services to existing customers

Hong Kong mobile operator CSL has started offering LTE modems to it's existing customers.

CSL and ZTE Launch Commercial LTE/DC-HSPA+ Network

Hong Kong mobile operator CSL in partnership with ZTE has launched the comercial LTE/DC-HSPA+ network, ZTE said on Thursday.

ZTE, CSL Demo VoLTE Call Based on IMS

ZTE has demonstrated successful IMS based Voice over LTE (VoLTE) calls on CSL's LTE network and its existing mobile networks at Mobile Asia Congress 2010 (MAC 2010).