Leading Femtocell Manufacturer adopts Polaris Networks’ LTE Test Solution for testing and validating its Home eNodeB

Lexington, Massachusetts, March 29, 2011: Polaris Networks, a leader in software test solutions for Communications and Wireless Networking technologies, today announced

Femto Forum Announces Femtocell API Specification to Develop Applications

The Femto Forum has published an industry-wide agreed set of API specifications that enable advanced mobile applications based on femtocell technology.

LTE Femto Intro, Femto Forum

Picochip technology powers LTE femtocell from Airspan

Picochip has announced that its picoArray(tm) technology has been selected to implement LTE and other wireless processing in Airspan’s new multi-standard ‘small cell’ b

Picochip Demos LTE Femtocell

Last week Picochip held public demonstration of a commercial LTE femtocell eNodeB basestation working with terminals.

Picochip : From 3G basestations to USB devices

Picochip has unveiled its vision for next-generation femtocells, including picoXcell technology that will allow its customers to create an entire 3G cellular basestation in an ultra-small form factor

Femto Forum Focuses on Management with Second Plugfest

The Femto Forum has successfully completed its second plugfest which focused on femtocell management. The series of plugfests aim to cultivate an effective ecosystem of standardised femtocells.

Ubiquisys and CTTC to develop open source LTE network simulator

Ubiquisys and the Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC) are working together to develop open source product-oriented LTE network simulator.

Ubiquisys announces a personal femtocell - attocell

Ubiquisys has announced a personal femtocell - attocell.

SK Telecom Picks Vendors to Build LTE Network

SK Telecom has selected Samsung Electronics, LG-Ericsson and Nokia Siemens Networks as key equipment suppliers for its 4G LTE network.

Mosaic Telecom selects Nokia Siemens Networks to deliver LTE services

Mosaic Telecom, a rural service provider in the United States has selected Nokia Siemens Networks’ LTE technology to use its existing 700 MHz and 1700/2100 MHz bands to deliver wireless broadband d

Femto Forum: 60% of broadband households with mobile phones interested in femtocells

The Femto Forum and international research firm Parks Associates have announced that femtocells, small wireless base stations designed to provide five bars of local wir

Picochip to introduce 3G USB basestation

Picochip has shared its vision for next-generation femtocells, including picoXcell™ technology that will allow its customers to create an entire 3G cellular basestation

Ubiquisys CEO Chris Gilbert on why "Clever Is The New Small"

Some people are starting to use the term "femtocell" interchangeably with "small cells".