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Verizon LTE Roadmap: 75% US Coverage by April 2012‎

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BGR keeps getting Verizon Wireless’ plans, now it has got its hand on Verizon Wireless’ 2010/2011 plans. 

Verizon's LTE roadmap details out

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Intomobile reports that this year Atlanta and Athens, GA will go live with Verizon’s LTE network along with Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth and Weatherford, TX.

Verizon's LTE rollout soon

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Verizon’s 4G-capable SIM card has been spotted recently in wild.

LG's LTE modem approved by the FCC

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FCC has approved a new LTE USB modem from LG. LG VL600 is approved with support for CDMA EVDO 850/1900MHz and LTE 700MHz. 

Verizon Wireless to launch LTE on November 15th

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Another interesting story from BoyGeniusReport, BGR reports that Verizon Wireless will begin rolling out its LTE network starting on November 15th this year. 

Verizon Supports New Spectrum Initiative

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Verizon Wireless has announced the support for President Obama's Spectrum Effort.

Verizon Wireless launches LTE user trials in 5 cities

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Verizon Wireless is moving to “friendly user trials” of LTE in five unnamed cities.

Verizon Wireless to follow tiered pricing model for LTE

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Verizon Wireless may not offer unlimited data plans for LTE services, instead it can switch to tiered pricing, according to chief financial officer of Verizon Communications Inc., John Killian.

Verizon Wireless: LTE on track and coverage to match 3G by 2013

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Verizon Wireless says that by 2013 the LTE coverage map will match it's current 3G coverage map.

CETECOM to validate LTE devices for Verizon

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Verizon Wireless has selected CETECOM as a laboratory to test devices for operation on the nationwide 4G LTE network that Verizon Wireless is building on the Upper 700 MHz C-Block spectrum.