Positioning with LTE

Ericsson - A decade ago wireless technology was dominated by mobile telephony.

Evaluation of Short-Term Interim Techniques for Multimedia Emergency Services

4G Americas - This white paper examines the potential short-term techniques that could be utilized through the use of existing technologies and PSAPs to provide non-voice emergency services for peo

Data analytics – the truth is in there

Ericsson: Operators have been – and remain – the information gatekeepers of the telecom industry.

Mobile broadband in1800MHz spectrum

Ericsson - Deploying mobile broadband in 1800MHz spectrum is part of the solution to the rapid growth of mobile broadband, which is forcing operators to add both covera

Self-Optimizing Networks - The Benefits of SON in LTE

This 4G Americas white paper describes key SON features contained in 3GPP LTE Release 8, Release 9 and Release 10 and how these capabilities will positively impact network operations in the evolved

Voice and SMS in LTE

This Rohde & Schwarz white paper summarizes the technology options for supporting voice and short message service (SMS) in LTE, including circuit switched fallback (CSFB), SMS over SGs, and voi

Coexistence of GSM, HSPA and LTE

This 4G Americas whitepaper covers the coexistence of GSM, HSPA and LTE and migratory aspects from Rel-7 to Rel-8 and beyond based on the 3GPP specification. The topics covered include:

Optimizing the Mobile Application Ecosystem

Wireless communication has seen a rapid growth over the last couple of years and at this time there are over 5 billion wireless cellular subscribers, which is expected to grow to 50 billion connect

LTE - a 4G solution

Ericsson - LTE meets and in most cases exceeds the requirements for a 4G technology.

Wireless LTE Deployment: How It is Changing Cell Site Energy and Infrastructure Design

Emerson Network Power: Mobile broadband is becoming part of the daily life of an increasing number of individuals, especially as the internet generation has become accustomed to immediate broadband

Sustaining the Mobile Miracle: A 4G Americas Blueprint for Securing Mobile Broadband Spectrum in this Decade

4G Americas - This white paper focuses on strategies and policies addressing the need for additional spectrum for mobile broadband services and provides a guide for securing a bright mobile broadba

Maximizing LTE Benefits Using True Carrier Ethernet Backhaul

Ciena- Mobile Network Operators are evolving their wireless infrastructure to the Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard that offers low latency and high bandwidth to deliver rich content to smart mobi

Differentiated Mobile Broadband – enhance user experience and drive revenue growth

Ericsson - As the mobile broadband market enters its second wave of revenue development, differentiation is the name of the game.

Heterogeneous LTE Networks and Inter-Cell Interference Coordination

Nomor - Initial deployments of LTE networks are based on so-called homogeneous networks consisting of base stations providing basic coverage, called macro base stations