TD-LTE: Exciting Alternative, Global Momentum

This white paper addresses TD-LTE physical layer, performance, applicable spectrum, differences from FDD and its global momentum, while answering questions operators, regulators, license holders an

Femtocells - Natural Solution for Offload

This white paper offers an in-depth explanation of how femtocell offload allows operators to cost-effectively manage the rise in mobile data usage while also providing the highest possible quality

Femtocell Deployment Guide

This guide from Epitiro is intended for Network Managers, Network Architects and those involved in providing end-to-end system (E2E) monitoring who need a better understanding of how APbased voice

Femtocell Technologies for Providing New Services at Home

NTT DOCOMO has developed a femtocell system that is attracting attention around the world because it not only can expand coverage areas inside the house and off-load macro cell traffic to femtocell

The essential aspects of LTE's PHY

Frank Rayal, Telesystem Innovations - The design of the LTE physical layer (PHY) is heavily influenced by requirements for high peak transmission rate (100 Mbps DL/50 Mbps UL), spectral efficiency,

Recognising the Promise of Mobile Broadband

Data traffic levels are rising inexorably, as a smart new generation of terminal devices drives uptake of bandwidth-hungry services delivered over today’s mobile broadband networks. 

LTE – Simplifying the Migration to 4G Networks

Over the past two decades, the way people communicate, stay informed, and are entertained has changed dramatically.

Diameter Proxy and Relay Agents in Next Generation LTE and EPC

We are now seeing tremendous acceleration in the adoption of mobile broadband services.

Andrew Seybold's Comments on FCC’s White Paper

Andrew Seybold's  Comments on: FCC White Paper, The Public Safety Nationwide Interoperable Broadband Network: A New Model for Capacity, performance and Cost

MSF LTE Interoperability

This white paper provides a summary of the MultiService Forum’s (MSF) Global LTE Interoperability event which took place from March 15-30, 2010.

The Transformation to 4G: LTE for WiMAX Operators

This whitepaper discusses the transformation to 4G and in particular, the different approaches that WiMAX operators can take as they look at LTE.

Single RAN for WiMAX Evolution

Motorola - This paper briefly highlights use of the Single RAN solution in WiMAX evolution.

LTE - The Bigger Picture

A Northstream White Paper - Is LTE delivering on its promises? With data speeds of 80 Mbit/s and above, LTE is much awaited by the industry.

The Next Step in the WiMAX Migration Path: 802.16e Enhanced

WiMAX Forum - To address the potential WiMAX network capacity constraints, WiMAX equipment and chip vendors, in partnership with WiMAX operators and the WiMAX Forum have launched an initiative to a