The Benefits of Using LTE in Digital Dividend Spectrum

This 4G Americas white paper outlines the key advantages of using the Digital Dividend spectrum for mobile broadband, particularly LTE technology, to encourage regulato

A New Cellular System

WHITE PAPER: A New Cellular System  
Author: Razmik Hakobyan (

MSF VoLTE Interoperability Event 2011

The MSF White Paper discusses the results of the VoLTE IOT event and identifies specific interoperability issues.

The Evolution of HSPA: The 3GPP Standards Progress for Fast Mobile Broadband Using HSPA+

The 4G Americas  white paper explains that as 3GPP specifications evolve, their advanced features help to further the capabilities of today’s modern mobile broadba

Mobile Broadband Connected Future: From Billions of People to Billions of Things

By Yankee Group, commissioned by 4G Americas

Mobile Broadband Enabling the Networked Society in Asia Pacific

Commissioned by Ericsson, the "Mobile Broadband: Enabling the Networked Society in Asia Pacific"  Frost & Sullivan White Paper examines mobile broadband adopti

LTE: What mobile operators need to know

The massive consumer engagement with mobile broadband devices and demand for data on the go is increasing at incredible rates.

Mobile Broadband Explosion: 3GPP Broadband Evolution to IMT-Advanced

This 4G Americas white paper explains the evolution of 3GPP technologies and the ITU roadmap that leads to IMT-Advanced and beyond.

Positioning with LTE

Ericsson - A decade ago wireless technology was dominated by mobile telephony.

Evaluation of Short-Term Interim Techniques for Multimedia Emergency Services

4G Americas - This white paper examines the potential short-term techniques that could be utilized through the use of existing technologies and PSAPs to provide non-voice emergency services for peo