Yota Selects Bridgewater for Central and South American WiMAX Expansion

Bridgewater Systems has announced that Yota has selected the Bridgewater Service Controller (AAA) to support the rollout of its new national WiMAX service in Nicaragua. The  WiMAX network

Control Plane Scalability and Performance Requirements for 3G and LTE Networks

This whitepaper provides the results of independent performance tests of Bridgewater’s control plane solution including the Home Subscriber Server and Policy Controller and the Cisco ASR 5000 mobil

MultiService Forum Completes IOT of 3GPP EPC

The MSF (MultiService Forum) has announced completion of the global Evolved Packet Core (EPC) interoperability event.

Bridgewater Systems

Service providers are anticipating the need to significantly increase their network capacity to address the rapid growth in subscribers, devices, and applications.