nTelos Wireless Picks Alcatel-Lucent LTE Services


Alcatel-Lucent has been selected by NTELOS Holdings Corp. to provide 4G LTE network services for the nTelos Wireless network build-out in West Virginia and parts of western Virginia. The network will serve an additional 2.1 million people.

nTelos Wireless Selects Alcatel-Lucent for Regional LTE Launch


Regional U.S. mobile operator nTelos Wireless plans to launch regional LTE services in US states of Virginia and West Virginia during 2013 using Alcatel-Lucent technology. nTelos Wireless operates in the states of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Kentucky, and North Carolina.

Alcatel-Lucent and nTelos Wireless complete LTE field trial

Virginia-based nTelos Wireless, known for providing high-speed, dependable, nationwide service and Alcatel-Lucent have successfully completed an end-to-end 4G LTE field