LTE Device and Application Testing Procedures

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What does it take to launch LTEi devices? RCR reviews the ecosystem and processes required to bring LTE devices to market

CES 2014: LTE comes to vehicles

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LTEi is coming to vehicles and Qualcomm wants to be in the driver's seat. The chip giant explains how its Snapdragon S 602a chipset will enable multiple high speed broadband infotainment experiences to occur in a car simultaneously.

Chevrolet 4G LTE "Connected by OnStar" demo

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Demo of Chevrolet's Vehicle Health Monitor app for the new Connected by OnStar 4G service, which will eventually see all Chevy cars fitted with LTEi connectivity powered by AT&T.

LTE and the Mobile Video Business Opportunity

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Vera Kenehan, Strategic Product Manager, LTEi Broadcast at Ericsson, chairs a discussion with operators and content owners at Streaming Media West 2013 to discuss how they see the technical and business aspects of media over LTE unfolding and how the different implementation options and their respective business models evolve over time.

LTE Advanced in Unlicensed Spectrum

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As the operators prepare for the looming 1000x data challenge, small cells and utilizing all spectrum resources are in the front and center. Can you imagine the boost they will get if their small cells can aggregate the bandwidth-rich unlicensed spectrum with the quality and seamless mobility of licensed spectrum?

Small Cells Americas 2013

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Various interviews held at Small Cells Americas, Dallas, 2013

Dino Flore, ETSI Future Mobile Summit

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3GPPi RAN has started a new innovation cycle which will be shaping next generation cellular systems.

LTE Field Testing

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What makes LTEi networks unique in terms of design, deployment and acceptance of networks? How have carriers and suppliers changed the way they deploy, maintain and troubleshoot next-generation LTE and heterogeneous networks? How do operators chase PIM while deploying LTE Advanced and VoLTE?