LTE- Advanced (3GPP Rel.11) Technology Introduction

Since its introduction, LTE is continuously worked on in terms of improvements. 3GPP groups added technology components into so called releases. Initial enhancements were included in 3GPP Release 9, followed by more significant improvements in 3GPP Release 10, also known as LTE-Advanced. 

LTE Broadcast - A revenue enabler in the mobile media era

This Qualcomm paper explores the revenue opportunities and cost benefits MNOs can realize through the implementation of LTE Broadcast, a mobile broadcast solution that complements LTE networks.

5G Radio Access

5G will enable the long-term Networked Society and realize the vision of unlimited access to information for anyone and anything.

Supporting Wireless Video Growth and Trends

Video is increasingly becoming one of the most pervasive technologies in terms of everyday usage, both for entertainment and in the enterprise environments. Mobile video is responsible for a majority of the growth seen in mobile broadband data volume.

Mission Critical Mobile Broadband: Practical standardisation & roadmap considerations

This document has been produced by the TETRA and Critical Communications Association (TCCA) Critical Communications Broadband Group (CCBG) to provide supporting information and guidelines for critical communications users, operators and other interested parties who are considering the implementation of ission critical mobile broadband services.

LTE Release 12 - taking another step toward the Networked Society

The wireless communication systems of the future will have to enable access to information and sharing of data anywhere and anytime for anyone and anything. As a consequence of this, the systems of tomorrow will have to overcome the following three main challenges:

LTE Device Ecosystem: The Future Brought to Life

The number of LTE devices and manufacturers is exploding. This special report explores how the transition to LTE networks is changing the device ecosystem from design to test and repair, and the factors that affect the successful LTE device launch.

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Delivering Public Safety Communications with LTE

Today there are two separate technology families for providing wide-area wireless communications: commercial cellular networks and dedicated public safety systems.

LTE, Telephony and Battery Life

In recent media, much attention has been paid to the battery life of VoLTE enabled LTE phones in comparison to existing 2G and 3G circuit switched telephony. This ST Ericsson white paper aims to address the confusion and uncertainty around the topic and demonstrate the true potential of VoLTE.  

LTE and the 1800 Mhz opportunity

This Northstream white paper examines the take-up and status of LTE two years after the first commercial launch and analyses the key aspects that will determine its future success.