Nokia Siemens Networks Updates Liquid Radio Software Suites

Liquid Net

Nokia Siemens Networks has announced introduction of a range of new features to its Liquid Radio Software Suites to help operators address constantly changing capacity demands. The update includes a new LTE Software Suite as well as new WCDMA and GSM Software Suite applications. 

Nokia Siemens Networks Expands LTE Portfolio, to Support APT 700 MHz Band

Nokia Siemens Networks

Nokia Siemens Networks is expanding its LTE portfolio with aim to help mobile operators increase their coverage and further improve network efficiency and speed.

Liquid Net innovations channel mobile broadband to users

Liquid Net

Barcelona, Spain – February 20, 2012 - Nokia Siemens Networks has added a raft of new capabilities, many of which are industry-firsts, to its Liquid Net portfolio. By fluidly allocating mobile broadband where and when it’s needed, the company’s approach creates far more efficient networks that adapt to volatile demand.

Nokia Siemens Networks introduces Liquid Radio for TD-LTE

Nokia Siemens Networks has launched a Liquid Radio-based ‘6 pipes’ remote radio head that uses the company’s unique pipe approach to offer higher throughput, lower late